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Rick Ray

Bulldogs visit Tad Pad for an interesting rematch

Last time: No Henderson for Ole Miss = loss in Starkville. This time: Marshall is back in Oxford = tough one for Mississippi State? This 249th meeting of both schools could be interesting.

Featured Fanshot

MSU Ballboys FTW

WHAT A GAME! Mississippi State basketball improves to 12-5, 2-2 with a gigantic 81-72 OT win over Texas A&M (12-5, 3-1). A big game for Craig Sword and Gavin Ware was the difference for MSU down the stretch. Special thanks to Kyle Niblett for providing video evidence of what this game really meant to everyone at The Hump today.

Rick Ray's post-game celebration dance was great

As the children say, Coach Ray has got the skills to pay the bills.

INSTANT RECAP: MSU drops SEC opener to Kentucky


Disregard MSU basketball, move to baseball? No way

MSU baseball is just around the corner and loads of fans are getting Left Field Lounge ready. But is it time to throw away the basketball season? Heck-to-the no. Rick Ray's short-handed fighters need us right now more than ever.