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Shut Up, Florida

Nobody cares that Florida wants Dan Mullen to be their coach, especially not Dan Mullen.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

If you didn't see it already, Florida Gators' fans are so fed up with their current head coach, Will Muschamp, and they've been so impressed by current MSU head coach, Dan Mullen, that they created a website called

The site calls for the firing of Will Muschamp and pleads for Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley to try to hire Dan Mullen in Muschamp's place.

The sheer irony of a program that won back-to-back national championships in the last decade begging for the head coach of Mississippi State to take over their team is almost too much for me to handle. Maybe if Florida fans spent more time cheering for their own team and less time coveting other teams' coaches, they might be a little happier with their situation.

And I understand that Muschamp is awful, I mean, I have eyes, but UF has only lost two games and is still in a decent position to win the SEC East. So, they need to just stop it.

To help Florida fans move on and to ease MSU fans' minds, I've made a  list of reasons that Dan Mullen will most definitely not be coaching at Florida next year:

1. He's not from Florida, he's from New Hampshire.

2. He only spent three years at Florida as an assistant coach, if he's tied to anything involving UF, it's Tim Tebow and that's about it.

3. Dan currently makes $2.65 million per year, Muschamp makes $3 million. MSU will pay up.

4. MSU has a quality recruiting class lined up, brand new  facilities, a totally renovated stadium, a completely re-energized fan base, and one of the best football teams in America.

5. Florida is going to be a dumpster fire next year.

So, why would Dan Mullen want to leave a team and program that he's devoted a large portion of his life to building and that is as good if not better than most football teams in the nation to go coach a team from the ground up for only slightly more money that he has no sentimental connection to and that has a fan base that will call for a coach's head even when his team is still firmly in the race for an SEC East Title?

Please, let me know.

Until someone can provide an answer to that question, we here at FWTCT have come up with a way to fight back at the Florida advances:

We created

It's made to let Florida fans know they're getting way ahead of themselves and that Dan is still very much the coach at MSU and isn't thinking about the Florida job. We encourage you to send the link to every Florida fan you know and tell them that Dan is our coach and that they can keep Muschamp. Maybe include something about how MSU is the number one team in the country too. I don't know, get creative.

The bottom line is, Dan isn't leaving anytime soon. We still  have an entire half of a football season to play and an SEC West title to contend for. Nobody, including Florida fans and their stupid websites, can change that.