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Updated Odds for the National Championship and Heisman Trophy Race

MSU has great odds to win the inaugural College Football Playoff and Dak Prescott is near the top of the list of potential Heisman winners as well.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

New odds were released today by Bovada that have Mississippi State with excellent chances to win a national championship and have a Heisman winner. State has 7/1 odds to win the College Football Playoff and Dak Prescott is 3/1 to win the Heisman Trophy. Interestingly, Georgia has sneaked into the national championship talk because of their tight grip on the SEC East race. Also, four of the top ten teams with odds to win the championship come from the SEC West, making it very clear that State is the sole leader of the what is undoubtedly the most powerful conference division in all of college football. Check out the expanded lists below:

Odds to win the 2014-15 FBS College Football National Championship

Alabama                                                                                   5/1

Georgia                                                                                     7/1

Mississippi State                                                                    7/1

Oregon                                                                                      7/1

Florida State                                                                         15/2

Michigan State                                                                       8/1

Auburn                                                                                   12/1

Mississippi                                                                            12/1

Ohio State                                                                             12/1

Notre Dame                                                                         18/1

Odds to win the Heisman Trophy

Marcus Mariota (QB Oregon)                                        4/5

Dak Prescott (QB Mississippi State)                             3/1

Melvin Gordon (RB Wisconsin)                                    8/1

Ameer Abdullah (RB Nebraska)                                 14/1

Amari Cooper (WR Alabama)                                     16/1