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OPEN THREAD: Mississippi State vs. Tennessee, Game 3

The Mississippi State Bulldogs and Tennessee Volunteers square off today in the rubber game of their series in Starkville.


Through the first two games of the series, Mississippi State and Tennessee have put a grand total of seven runs on the board in 19 innings of play.

A poorly played fourth inning by Mississippi State in game one gave Tennessee four runs, and the Bulldogs missed out on multiple bases loaded situations, only finding two runs in the loss.

On Saturday, both teams finished nine innings without scoring a run, and even though Mississippi State had again blown multiple opportunities with a runner 90 feet from the plate, they found a way to get the job done in the 10th for a 1-0 victory.

Today, we have the either loved (I might be the only one) or hated (just about everyone else) pink accented jerseys showing up for Mothers' Day.  Fire away about the jerseys, the game, or favorite Mothers' Day memories.