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Mississippi State vs. Tennessee Baseball: Dogs to wear pink vs. Vols in honor of Mother's Day

MSU and Adidas broke out special uniforms for Mother's Day this weekend, and yeahhhhhhh people love em.

Mississippi State University | @HailStateBB

As an unabashed fan of MSU's alternative and non traditional uniforms through Adidas, even I know that at some point too much is too much.  State may have hit that point with the latest release of special uniforms, designed to honor mothers on Mother's Day by adding some pink detail to the alternative maroon and white uniforms we've seen previously:

At this point I'm more concerned with how State finishes out its season, so hey if Adidas and State want to honor moms then go for it I guess.  Again, though, I've been a big fan of most of the alternative uniforms, and even I'm like "let's pump the breaks there, killer" at this point.  And the whole time our beautiful pinstripes just sit in a backroom closet, sadly collecting dust.  As for the response from the majority of fans, wellllllll it hasn't been great.  If you have a moment, I suggest clicking the link to that top tweet and reading the responses in the comments below.  The same response can be found on Sixpack, Elite Dawgs, and really anywhere that I've seen since the announcement this morning.

So what say you, MSU fans?  Do you care about the pink unis?  Whatever?  Has State gone to far?  How about mothers?  How do you feel about the uniforms?  Personally, I'm going to be PO'd if they don't also have Father's Day uniforms featuring the Bass Pro logo and the back says "get me another beer, will ya?"