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Happy Father's Day from the Crew at FWtCT

While everyone likes to make dear ole dad the butt of many jokes, we here at For Whom the Cowbell Tolls know it is a tough job. Here's to dads everywhere! Read on and share your favorite dad stories from Mississippi State.


I'm sure most of you have noticed Mississippi State playing up the idea that supporting the Bulldogs is more like being a maroon and white clad family than just being a fan.  In so many ways that is true and probably not just for Mississippi State.  How many times have you been at a Mississippi State game and struck up a conversation with someone for most of the game and really enjoyed it?  How many special moments with loved ones or friends did you share at a Bulldog game?

I'm sure that most of us that went to Mississippi State remember going to football games with different dates.  I can remember many trips down Green and Russell Streets to Davis Wad Stadium with one lucky lady.  We watched games, yelled, and acted a fool (ok, well that was usually me).  Perhaps the most foolish—some would say awesome—thing I did came in Oregon's thrashing of Mississippi State.  I caught a Duck point after, and instead of returning the ball to the field, I pumped faked the equipment guy and turned and tossed the ball over the back of the bleachers to the cheers of many fans.  Immediately after, this hero ended up being escorted out of the stadium and told to meet with the Dean of Students.

However, being Father's  Day, I want to focus on the fun I've had with my son at Mississippi State events.  I've been lucky enough to take him to a few games.  We went to the debacle of a Gator Bowl in Jacksonville. We've seen the softball team play an exhibition game at Harrison Central, and we saw them play in the Mobile regional in 2013.  We saw the basketball team knock off Central Arkansas in Jackson in 2012.  We also saw Mississippi State survive at Troy that year. However, the best was taking my son Benjamin to Starkville to watch the Bulldogs take on Bowling Green.

It was his first time to go to a game in Starkville, and he was in love with the sights and sounds.  He took his picture with Bully.  He ended up on the big screen.  He cheered as hard as his three year old self could.  Thankfully, at the end of the day, the Bulldogs managed to hang on and pick up the win.

I had no idea how much fun it would be going to the game with him.  Just seeing how much he was enjoying everything made me enjoy it even more.  Fatherhood is funny like that.  No matter how much you enjoy something, it seems that if you can share that same moment with your kid, it just makes things better.  I know I can't wait to take him back to Starkville again this year.

Why don't you share some of your favorite moments of going to games with your dad or bringing your kids along to a game?  Maybe it has been in person at the stadium or at home with friends that has brought fun.  Share along, and Dads...keep up the awesome work.  The world needs more of us to keep stepping up.