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Looking back at 2013-2014 in Mississippi State Sports

With just a few track and field events to go, the sporting season of 2013-2014 has pretty much drawn to a close. Read on and help decide the most exciting moment in Mississippi State sports for 2013-2014.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

When the Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns recorded the last out in Lafayette, the curtain dropped on the major sporting season (track and field has a few championships to be decided) for the Mississippi State Bulldogs for the 2013-2014.  The season saw Dak Prescott emerge as one on the most exciting quarterback prospects at Mississippi State, and it saw Nickoe Whitley force one of the most exciting fumbles in Bulldog history.  On the hardwood, the women's basketball team put together an exciting run in the WNIT, and the men continued to grow during Rick Ray's second season.  The softball squad picked up some of its biggest wins in history, knocking of Alabama, the national runners-up, and Tennessee for back-to-back series wins over top-five teams. In baseball, the Bulldogs set all-time attendance records and saw new faces emerge as threats for the Bulldogs.

The excitement does not stop there.  Brandon McBride captured an individual national championship in Albuquerque, and the men's tennis team got of to its best start in history.

So Bulldog fans, the question to you is simple:  What was the most exciting moment in Mississippi State athletics from the 2013-2014 season?  Post your choice in the comments below, and use the titie, Most Exciting Moment-- _________.

Next week, a post will feature each of the top five moments, and the following week, a poll will  be posted to let you decide the most exciting moment from the season.

Feel free to nominate moments and campaign for them in the comments. Just remember, in order to be counted, you have to have a comment start with "Most Exciting Moment--_________________."  You can vote once per moment, so no creating 35 comments with the same title.

Have fun y'all.