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Quick Links: Dak and the Heisman, Tyler Russell, and JUCOs in Mississippi

Needing a little bit of a read while going through your morning? Here are a few notes on Dak Prescott, Tyler Russell and JUCO players in Mississippi.

Stacy Revere

Everyone at FWtCT's hopes you are off to a great Sunday morning.  If you sipping on that second cup of coffee and need a read, here a few links from over the weekend.'s Creg Stephenson takes a look at why Dak Prescott might when the Heisman, but he also looks at why he probably won't:

Riley Blevins explains in the Clarion-Ledger why football fans should be excited about the upcoming JUCO football season in Mississippi:

He's not on the gridiron right now, but Tyler Russell is still doing important things.  He shared his life story with kids attending vacation Bible school in Meridian this week: