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We Asked: What is Your Favorite MSU Bowl Game

Mississippi State may not have the most expansive bowl game history, but the Bulldogs have played in some fun ones. We asked our twitter followers what their favorite was, and here is what we got.

Stacy Revere

With the launch of the SEC Network, Mississippi State fans have the opportunity to watch several of the most exciting moments in Mississippi State history among other programming.  One of the first Mississippi State games to be replayed was the Gator Bowl victory over Michigan.

This got us to thinking about which Bulldog bowl game would be the favorite of Mississippi State fans, so we took to twitter and you answered.

The fact that the Gator Bowl victory over Michigan was the response of many fans came as no surprise given the beat down the Bulldogs dropped on their foe from the Big Ten.

However, some did not see the value in that bowl that others did.

One bowl that did not get as much love as some would think was the 1999 Peach Bowl that capped one of the most exciting seasons at Mississippi State.

In what should not be much of a shock, the 2000 Independence Bowl, lovingly known as the Snow Bowl, popped up time and time again.

Kyle Nibblet went outside the box with this one, and he has a good point.

Also, a good point was made as to what one would look for in a bowl game.

Then there were those who loved the classics.

One bowl that did not make the list, and it is a little surprising that it did not, is the 1941 Orange Bowl victory over the Georgetown Hoyas.  Of course, that game came a long time ago, and probably very few Mississippi State fans have ever seen the game.

If you missed out on twitter, let us know here.  What is your favorite bowl game in Mississippi State history?