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5 .GIFs to get you ready for the 2014 season: #5 - Damian Williams' run to beat Arkansas

We're now under a week until the 2014 football season, so let's get EVEN MORE hyped up with some .GIFs of great plays from 2013.

Wesley Hitt

War Memorial Stadium has had been a house of horrors for Mississippi State for years.  It seemed like every other year, MSU would go up to Little Rock, get it handed to them, and would return home with another frustrating loss.  It never seemed to matter whether Arkansas was any good that year; they always had State's number, and it seemed that the streak off losses in the state would never end.

And then last year, MSU finally broke through.  In a game that was far from pretty against an Arkansas team that was far from good, MSU found itself in overtime, with its backup freshman QB, in a situation where they could realistically miss out on a bowl.  And then the freshman did this

Williams run Arkansas win

[video via SECTV]

And TOTALLY REDEEMED HIMSELF! From what, I'm not sure; I just love that line from Dumb and Dumber.  Williams' run would seal it for MSU, and the Bulldogs -- as you all well know by now -- would go on to win the Egg Bowl to become bowl eligible, leading to the Liberty Bowl and a December 31st victory over Rice.