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Dan Mullen: "I will continue to rotate shampoos"

The Mississippi State head football coach told the media on Thursday that his insistence on rotation doesn't stop at the field.

Despite the unblemished 2-0 start on the young season, Mississippi State fans have been a bit disgruntled with head Coach Dan Mullen's decision making.  Like Led Zeppelin in the 70s, players have been on heavy rotation on Dan Mullen's offense and defense, and it has some fans upset and confused as to why Mullen would mess with a good thing at certain positions.  When Mullen went in front of the media on Thursday to address the issue of his rotation redundancy, he threw them a bit of a curve-ball.

"I'm here to address some recent concerns with how I handle things, so let me say this: Yes, I will continue to rotate shampoos", Mullen told a somewhat confused media contingency at the Bryan Building on Thursday afternoon.  "I like the bounce that Vidal Sassoon gives my hair, but every now and then I like to try out Old Spice since it smells nice and the commercials are awesome".  While the response surprised many in attendance that were expecting talk of Dak and Damien, the answer did seem to explain Dan's tendency to tinker. "Some days I leave the shampoo in longer; some days I don't.  Some days I even put conditioner on first; I never know how I'm going to want to play it."

When pressed on the situation at quarterback, Mullen gave a fleeting answer, saying he would determine who who get the majority of the snaps once the week of practice was complete.  "Sorry guys I've gotta go.  I just remembered I need to sub in Darren McFadden for Adrian Peterson on my fantasy team. It's Darren's turn to play."