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Community Projections: Mississippi State at South Alabama

In an effort to get you, the reader, more involved, we've created a weekly post where we want to hear from you on what you expect in the upcoming game. In the comments, let us hear your: 1) Score predictions, 2) Bold Predictions, 3) Best Case/Worst Case, and so forth.

Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE

Last week, we had predictions of the Bulldogs blowing out the Blazers, and we had prognostications of a game that ends up being much closer than it should be.  What will you, our dear readers, predict for this matchup against the South Alabama Jaguars on Saturday.

Score Prediction: Mississippi State 45, South Alabama 24

Bold Prediction: Dak Prescott gets on a roll and stays on one in this game and passes for over 300 yards, runs for 75 yards, and adds five touchdowns.  Mississippi State gets a made field goal along with all extra-points, and the defense plays well for the duration of the game.

Best Case Scenario: Both Prescott and Damian Williams look good when rotated into the game.  The rushing attack looks solid and sees Josh Robinson go over 100 yards.  The defense manages to avoid the trouble with the long ball, and Ladd-Peebles Stadium sounds and looks more like an alternate home venue for Mississippi State after the half.

Worst Case Scenario: South Alabama and its fans are beyond hyped for this game, and it is now a sellout.  Mississippi State struggles in the first half, and the Jaguars stay within a touchdown or less at the half.  Late in the fourth quarter, the Jags break a punt return or take an interception to the house putting them up three.  The Bulldogs start marching back down the field and reach the South Alabama 27-yard line with :01 to play.  What does Dan Mullen decide?