Chris Fowler on College Gameday: "If Ole Miss loses to Memphis, Gameday headed to Starkville


So this is an interesting nugget from this morning's College Gameday. When talking about the Ole Miss-Memphis matchup, Fowler stated that if Ole Miss loses tonight, their long anticipated Gameday visit for the Alabama game will instead go south to Starkville next weekend for MSU-Texas A&M. While the Rebels are a heavy favorite tonight, that's quite an interesting bit. You never know what might happen; they have their "We Are Ole Miss" moments just like we have our "We are MState" ones.

In addition to that, Chuck Dunlap with the SEC office tweeted that even if Gameday does go to Oxford next weekend, if MSU were to beat Texas A&M, Gameday could likely end up in Starkville one week later when Auburn visits. Granted, that would require MSU beating the Aggies which is no small task, but it's still fun to think about. MSU just needs to go out and take care of business next Saturday and things should work themselves out from there.

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