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FWtCT SEC Recap - Week Six 2015

I'm here to recap all the action around the SEC.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Ole Miss 52, New Mexico State 3

Well, nothing unexpected happened here. It's just a dominant Rebel performance against a solid 0-5 team. Anyways, just a few notes. Chad Kelly had a very solid performance, completing 24 of his 33 passes for 384 yards, three touchdowns, and an interception. Laquon Treadwell had a majority of the receiving load, having eight receptions for 136 yards and two touchdowns, one of those touchdowns being a spectacular one handed catch before gliding untouched into the end zone. It was an expected outcome, and the Rebels now have to travel to the unfriendly confines of Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium to take on the 5-0 Memphis Tigers.

Tennessee 38, Georgia 31

Tennessee! You finally did it! You actually won a big game! And contrary to how you've been losing your games, you actually came back from 21 down! Good for you, Tennessee! Alright then, the game. The Volunteers finally had a big time performance from Josh Dobbs, who completed 25 of his 42 passes for 312 yards, three touchdowns, and an interception. To cap it off, he rushed for 118 yards and two touchdowns from 18 carries. Not too shabby. Tennessee was able to hang 519 total yards on Georgia, which ended up being the story of this game. But, for real, good for Tennessee. After blowing three games against quality opponents, they finally were able to get one.

LSU 45, South Carolina 24

The key for LSU in this one is something we haven't seen all year, and that was production through the air. That's right. LSU actually threw the ball effectively. Brandon Harris completed 18 of his 28 passes for 228 yards and two touchdowns. He actually did that, and against an SEC opponent to make it more unbelievable. Leonard Fournette's Heisman train continues to roll on by, as he rushed for 158 yards and a touchdown from 20 carries. It was an overall solid performance for LSU, and they will certainly be tested next week when Florida comes to Baton Rouge.

Alabama 27, Arkansas 14

There isn't much to say about this game, except that Alabama really didn't turn on the jets until the 4th quarter. The Razorbacks held on to a 7-3 lead at the half, and after sluggish play on both sides during the 3rd quarter, an 81 yard touchdown pass from Jake Coker to Calvin Ridley late in the 3rd is what changed everything. Alabama didn't look back after that play, having a 27-7 lead late in the game. Jake Coker struggled mightily to start the game but came back in the end, completing 24 of his 33 passes for 262 yards, two touchdowns, and two interceptions. Derrick Henry had an okay performance, rushing for 95 yards and a touchdown from 27 carries. It was a mediocre performance from the Tide, but they got the job done. Now, in my opinion, they face their toughest challenge yet, having to travel to College Station to take on Texas A&M.

Florida 21, Missouri 3

Well, some things haven't changed. Florida is still good, Missouri is still bad, Missouri's offense is still atrocious, and Florida's defense is still spectacular. Missouri put up just 257 total yards from a pretty terrible performance from quarterback Drew Lock, who completed just 16 of his 39 passes for 151 yards and two interceptions. Not great. Will Grier had a sluggish performance for Florida, completing 20 of his 33 passes for 208 yards. The Gators were led from a solid game from Kelvin Taylor, as he rushed for 99 yards and two touchdowns from 28 carries. Both of these teams have challenges awaiting them next week, as Florida travels to LSU and Missouri travels to Georgia.