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Community Projections: Mississippi State Bulldogs vs. Alabama Crimson Tide

The Bulldogs have a big game Saturday against Alabama. How do you see it playing out?

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Mississippi State and Alabama will square off in a contest that would provide a major boost in the arm of the Bulldogs' season should they win. For the Crimson Tide, a victory would keep the team on track for another crack at a national title. Either way, fans of both teams should strap in and prepare for an exciting contest.

Best Case Scenario: Mississippi State's offense gets off to a fast start, and the defense makes a few early stops. The pressure shifts to Jake Coker. He struggles, and this game looks like Florida in 2000.

Worst Case Scenario: Detrick Henry explodes with the help of his offensive line. The Bulldogs struggle to protect Dak Prescott, and the Bulldogs go into the half down 17. They fight hard, but they don't manage to get back in the game.

Bold Prediction: Prescott goes for 350 yards of total offense, picks up four scores and the Bulldogs win.