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Mississippi State Drops Egg Bowl Tilt to Ole Miss

There was not much pretty about this one.

Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 regular season has come to an end for the Mississippi State Bulldogs, and it came in a dissapponting 38-27 loss to Ole Miss in the Battle for the Golden Egg. Here's a few thoughts on the game.

1. No way around it folks, in the area of physical play, Ole Miss whipped Mississippi State. When big hits occurred in the game, more often than not, Ole Miss was on the delivering end  of the blows. In a rivalry game, that just does not work.

2. The offensive line for the Bulldogs looked pretty soft again tonight. Most everyone knew that the line would be up to a challenge given what had happened against Alabama a couple of weeks ago. One has to wonder what success Mississippi State would have had if the offensive line had played better this season.

3. It was obvious that the Bulldogs were a bit over-emotional before the game. One has to wonder how much this impacted the team this once the game started.

4. This game had a few "what could have been" plays. A couple of bouncing footballs that went Ole Miss's way made a huge difference in this game. It really was the story of the season.