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Community Projections: Mississippi State Bulldogs vs North Carolina State Wolfpack in the Belk Bowl

Here's your chance to tell us what will happen in the Belk Bowl.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

TMississippi State and North Carolina State close out their seasons Wednesday in the Belk Bowl in Charlotte, North Carolina. Here's your chance to tell the world what is going to happen in the game.

Best Case Scenario: The Bulldogs win the toss, take the ball, and throw it all over the North Carolina State secondary to pick up a quick touchdown. The Mississippi State bends in allowing a Wolfpack field goal, but the offense answers with another touchdown. In comes the rain, and the Bulldogs win a slop fest 31-17.

Worst Case Scenario: North Carolina State keeps Mississippi State off the board early while scoring two touchdowns to go up 14-0. The heavy rain sets in and the lack of a running game dooms the Bulldogs. The Wolfpack wins 27-21.

Bold prediction: Dak finishes his career with a 300/100 game with five total touchdowns. Fred Ross gets 100 and a TD. De'Runnya gets 75 and two touchdowns, and Bulldog fans hold their breaths to see if they go pro.