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Reasons Why Fred Smoot Should Be Mississippi State's Next Cornerbacks Coach

Mississippi State is in search of a cornerbacks coach, and Fred Smoot wants it.

With Deshea Townsend leaving Mississippi State for the Tennessee Titans, there's another job opening on the Bulldog coaching staff, cornerbacks coach. The hirings of Peter Sirmon and Terrell Buckley were officially announced on Friday, in addition to a confirmation that there is another assistant coaching search going on. But, there's already someone who has thrown his name in the hat for the job, former Mississippi State cornerback Fred Smoot.

As seen by his tweet above, he wants the job. He wants to return to Starkville and lead the Bulldog corners. So, I've listed some reasons why he is perfect for the position.

1. He played for Mississippi State

2. He played in the NFL

3. The fans want him

3. He's good with the fans

4. He's good at speaking to crowds

(I'm not sure if that has anything to do with why he would be a good candidate for a coaching position, but whatever, I'm listing it anyway.)

6. Former Bulldogs want him

7. He can recruit, just like a dolphins can swim

So, with all these things in mind, it's time to hire the Mouth of the South as our next cornerbacks coach. Why the heck not?