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Dak Prescott Shines on Day One of Senior Bowl Practices

We've compiled a collection of tweets summarizing Dak Prescott's first Senior Bowl practice.

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn't full pads -- and it sure wasn't with SEC linemen coming down the barrel -- but Dak Prescott posted one of the best performances of all QB's Tuesday evening at the Senior Bowl, according to several scouts and analysts in attendance.

True to his form, Dak showed his charisma and upstanding character off the field as well, just as Bulldog nation witnessed the last five years.

Here's a short clip of Dak working from under center, something he didn't have to do much in his time at Mississippi State.

With practice in full pads not taking place until later in the week, Dak still showcased his arm in 11-on-11 work. Of course, scouts will want to see what he does when there's real pressure in his face. writer Andrew Mason came away highly impressed with Dak's overall skills:

"Although he doesn't fit the pro-style mold yet, Mississippi State quarterback Dak Prescott had a promising first day, and grew comfortable working under center and running playaction. Prescott's throws outside had plenty of velocity, and he displayed patience in the pocket, opting to rely more on his arm rather than his feet. His footwork when he throws also gives him a nice, easy delivery with plenty of zip."

There have been questions surrounding Dak's style and whether or not he can make the transition from college to the NFL. Most doom him from the start by comparing him to Tim Tebow, but Mason believes Dak is already showing NFL potential.

"He is a polarizing prospect in draft circles, but I'm on the positive side. The intangibles are there, as Mississippi State and SEC fans know. Tuesday, he looked like a 21st-century NFL quarterback."

Whether the Broncos could be a team that shows interest remains to be seen. Dak did reveal to that he's talked to about ten organizations, including the Cowboys, Texans, and Jaguars.

There's a lot of work to be done between now and draft day, including the rest of Senior Bowl activities and the NFL combine. You'll probably see Dak all over the place in the projections, but if he keeps this up he'll certainly solidify himself a spot with an NFL team and a respectable draft pick.