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Mississippi State Football Play of the Year Nominations

What was MSU football's play of the year during the 2015 season? You decide.

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Mississippi State's 2015 football season didn't feature as many unforgettable moments as the previous year, but that doesn't mean there weren't some memorable individual performances and plays.

Fans' favorite play in 2014 wasn't too hard to guess. It was probably Dak's touchdown run against LSU or J-Rob's heroic run against Kentucky. We didn't see plays on that level this season, but there were several that are worthy of being deemed play of the year. Let's look at the candidates.

Taveze Calhoun's interception against Kentucky

Several factors made this play as spectacular as it was. Calhoun showcased his ball skills by jumping over the receiver, tipping the ball to himself, and finishing the deal with the INT. It was the second of two quality picks by Calhoun on the night. Both came after he hit the ground hard in the second quarter and had to be helped off the field. It certainly looked like a game-ending injury, or worse. Little did we know he would come back to have one of the best games of his career. (Link for mobile)

Fred Ross one-handed catch against Arkansas

I'm sure you remember his Hail Mary catch in last year's Orange Bowl. As awesome as that was, it had nothing on this snag and run for a touchdown on the road at Arkansas. Dak barely got the pass off in time to avoid the sack, then Ross just wanted it more than the Arkansas defense. I'm not sure what I love more, the catch or the way he embarrassed No. 28 before strolling into the end zone. This one gets my vote. (Link for mobile)

Donald Gray's touchdown catch from Nick Fitzgerald against Troy

We got a glimpse of the future as MSU's backup QB showed off his big arm on a touchdown throw to former No. 1 JUCO receiver Donald Gray. It was just one of many crazy Donald Gray catches from this season. There's no doubt who MSU's best receiver is when it comes to catching a ball in traffic. I have a feeling you'll be seeing a lot more of this the next two years. (Link for mobile)

Beniquez Brown's field goal block against Arkansas

It was a back-and-forth game all night between Dak Prescott and Brandon Allen. It had the feel of the last team with the ball was undoubtedly going to win. As Arkansas marched down the field with less than a minute to go, we all knew what the final result would be. With 46 seconds to go and MSU leading 51-50, Arkansas lined up for an easy chip shot field goal. Every MSU fan was preparing for one last drive on offense, and then it happened. Thanks to Beniquez, this game will be remembered by State fans for many years to come. (Link for mobile)

Brandon Bryant's pick six against Louisiana Tech

MSU's future at safety is in good hands. A big reason for that is the speedy Brandon Bryant. He had a solid season as a redshirt freshman and showed a lot of promise as a potential lock-down safety for MSU's secondary. Two of his interceptions could have made this list. He had a nice pick in the Belk Bowl that landed at No. 1 on Sportscenter's top 10. But I went with this one, because who doesn't love a pick six? (Link for mobile)