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The Girl in the Mirror

We all have had those times as a child when we dreamed of the things we would do one day no matter if anyone else saw us making it happen or not. This week we want to introduce you to another member of the Miss. State All-Girl Cheer Squad, Ms. Leah Lott. Leah is a freshman from Meridian MS, West Lauderdale High School. She is majoring in Elementary Education.

Leah’s first experience with cheering was for East MS Cheer in 2007, where she cheered up until May of this year. Leah has cheered there on different levels and squads and even won a few of the coveted rings and jackets that all competition teams strive for as a team to win. She cheered at West Lauderdale for the competition squad and middle school team in 2010, and the side line squad in 2013. Through the years she has been a part of teams that won 4 state championships for cheer, one for pom and 3 U.C.A. High School National titles including a 1st place title in 2016.

Leah identified Laura Boyles Posey as the biggest influence on her life as a cheerleader. She was Leah’s coach at East MS Cheer and her competition team coach at West Lauderdale. Leah said Coach Posey embedded the belief in her that she could accomplish anything that she wants to do if she is willing to work hard enough for it. Leah further added, “I have learned nearly everything I know about cheering as well as to never quit, that consistency is key and to ALWAYS have fun.”

She says her favorite memory so far is during the South Carolina game when the song “Don’t Stop Believing” started playing. “It was the first time that I had been on the field at night. Seeing the lit up cell phones, hearing the clanging of the cowbells and everyone singing, was one of the most awesome things to be a part of.”

Leah says she enjoys working with children and coaching them in cheer. She one day hopes to teach elementary or middle school while coaching a cheer team or at an all-star gym. Leah takes her role as a Mississippi State cheerleader as a tremendous honor.

“As far back as I can remember, I have always wanted to be a cheerleader at State. I remember when I was a little girl and looking at pictures of MSU cheerleaders, while I stood in front of my mirror in my little uniform and pretended I was one of them. I watched my cousin cheer there, and just dreamed of the day that I might get to do that too. I idolized them and thought they were larger than life.”

Leah we are so glad to have you represent us and that we are a small part of you realizing that dream of yours as a little girl in the mirror seeing herself as a cheerleader at Miss. State. I know you do inspire others to be like you one day as you motivate us to “GET FIRED UP.”

Follow Leah on Instagram at: leahmlott