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NCAA Football: Auburn at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

So DAWG Nation, we still have a season to finish playing and opportunities improve in all areas. No matter what, we have to play them and we might as well go into each and every game with a positive attitude. I know how a lot of you feel and I have my own feelings of disappointment but have you ever seen a history book that you could change. Five games are over, done with, cannot be changed. Let us hope and believe that we can and WILL do much better as the season progresses. Now let’s look at the remaining SEC teams on our horizon and what they doing this week.

Kentucky will be the next SEC team we face. We will travel to Lexington (Commonwealth Stadium) to face them. They are off this week, resting, healing up and you would think game planning for our visit up there (some teams still do that don’t they?). You can be sure Colonel Stoops is preparing a special batter and seasoning for us even while we are heading to Provo, Utah.

The same can be said of Texas A&M. They are also off this week as they prepare for their invasion of Tuscaloosa next week. The Aggies better do some heavy planning and have an array of boobie-traps ready to spring on the herd of Pachyderms that will storm out of the tunnel next week looking to trounce them. Kevin Sumlin is screening for additional 12th men from the student body, in fact 13th, 14th or even some 15th might be resourced.

This week the Crimson Tide journey up to Neyland Stadium where 105 thousand Volunteers are waiting for them. Saban will have his red elephants wound up tight and looking to go off on the Brigade of Volunteers before they can assume a firing stance. The home-standing Tennesseans have been looking for this game wanting to finally beat Saban’s charges. Tennessee lost several starters in the military campaign last week and will try to cover the wounded with band-aids before this weeks battle begins. This past summer I predicted Tennessee to beat Alabama in this game but I’m afraid the wounded will limit what they can do now and the powder kegs have taken on some water so the fire power has been reduced. The fanatic orange-clad crowd will keep them going until the fourth quarter when Saban takes the gloves off for the knockout. The Alabama boys will again be lighting up their traditional victory cigars in the locker room while the Volunteers retire to the woods as their fort burns to the ground. T-DAWG’S loser - Tennessee (35-20)

Arkansas has gathered all the supplies they think they need from their woodshed in hopes of catching a few Black Bears that are headed their way. The leg traps are being set all around Razorback Stadium hoping to disable a lot of Chad Kelly’s hungry friends before skinning them and then hanging the bear meat in the smoke house to cure. I’m afraid most of those traps will catch the Razorbacks instead and the squeals will be heard deep into the night. T-DAWG’S loser - Arkansas 45-28

Other losers:

Vanderbilt will lost to Georgia

Missouri will lose to Florida

Southern Miss will lose to LSU

My heart says BYU will lose to Miss. St ....Dear God I hope so but I wouldn’t bet the house on it folks.

Duke loses to Louisville

Tulane loses to Memphis

Wisconsin loses to Ohio St.

Notre Dame loses to Stanford

UCLA loses to Wash. St.