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The Reported Hiring of John Cohen Proves the Internet is Insane

John Cohen might be the new athletics director. He might not be the new athletics director. Regardless, twitter is insane.

Well, we thought that we officially had our new athletics director.

After Mike Bonner of the Clarion-Ledger reported that John Cohen was to be hired for the position, it seemed like everything would be sorted out there with an internal hire. And, though it would be a good hire, it’s one that would leave questions about who would lead the baseball team going forward.

However, it looks like the coaching search might not be over just yet. From Sid Salter of Mississippi State University and Kendall Rogers of D1Baseball, it looks like John Cohen is not the new athletics director, at least not yet.

And so, people are going to blast the Clarion-Ledger and Michael Bonner again, because they’ve become the target for many Mississippi State fans recently. Though I seriously doubt that Bonner would run with this report if he didn’t fully believe it to be true, it looks like Mississippi State’s search to replace Scott Stricklin is not yet finalized.

It’s very possible that John Cohen will be the next AD. It’s also very possible that he won’t be. Regardless, nothing is official until the university announces it. Go ahead and buckle up folks. It’ll probably get even crazier before all of this is said and done.