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SEC Bust of the Week: Arkansas v. Ole Miss

I Can Hardly “BEAR” It!

Mississippi v Arkansas Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

The weather is finally cooling off and “Football Fever” has consumed several teams leaving them on the sidelines wondering what could have been. Week by week teams are being exposed with no where to hide and having to make a change in plans for any possible holiday vacations. This week was no different as the strong grew stronger and the rest struggle to survive and reach that magical 6 Win Goal (although 5-7 has been acceptable now if your “name brand”).

In thinking about this week’s “BIGGEST BUST” I couldn’t put this on a poor Mizzou team who can only score 79 on “Catholic Nun University”. They struggle with any other SEC team such as Florida who drilled them with a so-so offense and the #3 ranked Overall Defense in college football (we miss your “juiced up” defense, Coach Collins). Southern Miss didn’t have much of a chance against a “reborn” LSU team under Coach O. Tennessee had two chances (little and none) against Alabama but they are a walking M.A.S.H. unit right now so Saban’s boys blew right by them.

We played probably had our best game of the year so far and still lost but WE PLAYED and competed so, not to be happy with a loss but we did improve...some. Georgia although better than three or four other teams is not going to do major damage to high ranked teams this year. Once again, Georgia fans you ran off a great coach, SO, how is that working out for you now?

Excuse me if I take a little bit (A LOT) of pleasure in this BUST! Oh the mighty Ole Miss, how we are falling and still have miles to fall I think. The sanctions haven’t even hit you yet and I’m pretty sure they will and already your dropping like a rock in a lake. Those nasty old HOGS got you again.

You thought you had finally broke them and you should have but it seems like the Japanese have harvested all the shark fins so you couldn’t secure the kill and a whole army is now hunting “Bear”. That defense that you once bragged on and counted on to get your hit and miss offense from week to week has fallen to the majestic rank of 104th in the Nation! Heck, we are 38th so what is the deal Ole Miss. Ole Miss say it’s not so, statistically, YOU NOW HAVE THE WORST DEFENSE in the SEC!

Maybe your quarterback was tired from his weekend trip to Buffalo where he took time to leave the stands to jump some kid on the sideline. Classy, real classy, and your coach pats him on the duff. Classy, real classy. Well, for all your air miles, hair cuts and... The list goes on and on. HEY Ole Miss... With great pleasure, I have to tell you..... :)

Hotty Toddy, Gosh Almighty




and you wear it so well preppy!