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NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Brigham Young Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Well we have the truck filled up and hopefully well greased as we head to Lexington for a must-win game. We have to get this one then Samford followed by going .500 in November and we can still make a bowl. So let’s try to believe and pull together. It doesn’t matter how we win, JUST WIN!

Kentucky is about to appear in our gun sights. When you stop and think about it we seem to have played our best games (partial ha) away from Davis-Wade. So this week follows that path hopefully. I want to believe that Coach Mullen is doing all he can to find the things we can do well and spend the most time on those offensive plays. I think we can take the leash off the DAWG backs including Fitz early and let them run wild on the blue-grass. Then when Colonel Stoops has his calvary dismount and fill the trenches we can go with mid-range and an occasional long range pass while also using screens to defeat various blitzes. I don’t mean wide receiver screens though because we just are not blocking much out there, go with the old-fashioned dump screen over the middle of the rush. That minimizes the chance of a .....heaven help me for saying this...a pick 6. Fitz has to run early with success or we will struggle to win in Lexington.

T-DAWGS loser - Kentucky 41-20 (PLEASE, PLEASE)

Nick Saban has been getting his Pachyderms ready for this Aggie invasion by reminding his boys what the Aggie quarterback did to the Tide when he rode for the Sooners. Yes, most of his current were still learning to read (joking) but they will have reminders of how their ancestors were throttled in that game. By halftime Trevor Knight and Sumlin will be trying to get head counts on exactly how many of them blasted Red Elephants are out there, more than his 12th man can handle for sure. Sumlin will have his travel planner change their after-game meal to the drive-thru pick-up at Taco Bell during half-time so they can get out of Tuscaloosa as fast as possible post game.

T-DAWGS loser - Texas A&M 45-13 in a SKULL DRAGGING...figuratively

Bielema will unload his Hog trailer in Auburn Saturday so they can hopefully tear up some new turf. Malzahn has turned over all duties to his coordinators so he can go sit with his blossoming wife and eat the waffles she brought from the Waffle House. He’ll get the syrup off his chin just in time to run down and meet the half-time reporters as he tries to think of something intelligent to say. Bielema will try to have his HOGS hungry up front so they can keep the clock running. It won’t be easy but they can run on them IF they run straight at them not wide, the Tigers have speed to run down wild-hogs before they can reach the cover of the sideline. The Razorbacks will also have to get in Sean White’s face to cause bad decisions passing. I think this will be a close one and IF Bielema lets Auburn stay within 6 points at the end, the “Black Eye” of the eagle will cast a spell on the referees and Malzahn will walk away with it. T-DAWGS loser Auburn 23-17 (or Auburn plays a time spell for a 24-23 win)

Hugh Freeze takes his reeling Black Bears down to Death Valley to see what voodoo awaits them. Orgeron is a born and bred proud Cajun. He will have his Bengal Tigers ready to run down every Black Bear in sight and drag their carcass back for skinning. LSU has found new life under the crafty Cajun’s hands and TSUN will feel the raft of payback for last year’s 38-17 beat down. Freeze has about run out of love from many of his boozed up fans. TSUN ran Coach “O” off (and rightfully so) but at least for another week he has the kool-aid that LSU is living off of. Ole Miss fans will get tired of making “White Cadillacs” and smash their milk jugs once again.

T-DAWGS loser - Ole Miss 38-24 (Kelly throws 3 picks)

Other T-DAWG losers:

UMass to S. Carolina

MTSU to Missouri

TN.St. to Vandy

Memphis to Navy

Stanford to Colorado

Wisconsin to Iowa

That’s my prognostications, what about yours?