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Darryl Williams Reportedly Doing Fine, Will Return to Starkville this Morning

The redshirt freshman lineman was in a scary situation last night, but he’s now on his way home to Starkville

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

It was a scary moment last night. Darryl Williams is a young offensive lineman and from the view that I had on my TV, he seemingly wasn’t hit all that hard. But after a field goal attempt, Williams was down on the ground and wasn’t moving.

For 15 minutes, Williams was being tended to on the field, with his teammates and coaches looking on. Concern was clear and evident from just about everyone that was paying attention to the event last night.

After he was taken to the hospital and it was reported that he had movement in his extremities, there wasn’t much information available.

However, it appears that Williams is indeed okay. After the test results were received by Williams and the training staff, they are now preparing to come back to Starkville.

What was a scary situation last night appears to have settled a bit. It’s great to hear that Williams will indeed be coming home to Starkville and that the tests went the way that everybody hoped. At the end of the day, football is just a sport. It’s a game. People are more important than it. And it’s good to see that Williams is doing well.