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Papa John Caused Mississippi State's Loss to Kentucky

Papa John attended the Mississippi State-Kentucky game in a Kentucky shirt. He's obviously to blame for State's loss.

Regina Rickert/KSTV

There is much to blame for Mississippi State's horrendously terrible 40-38 loss at the hands of Kentucky Saturday night.

We gave up 554 yards of total offense. We mustered only 81 passing yards. We gave up 12 points from field goals alone, including the end-of-game dagger.

But, above all of that is the true reason for State's loss. The mastermind behind this entire train wreck.

Papa John.

The story of Papa John is a tale of infidelity and betrayal. Papa John is a devout Louisville Cardinal. He's donated money to build Papa John's Cardinal Stadium, the football stadium for the Louisville Cardinals. He goes all out for his team.

But, on this particular Saturday night, Papa John turned against his allegiance to Louisville and dedicated himself to someone else.

Papa Freaking John attended the Mississippi State-Kentucky game wearing a Kentucky shirt.

That's the sole reason why we lost last night, folks. Papa John Schnatter is the perpetrator.