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Ally McDonald Appears at First Exhibition as LPGA Pro in Olive Branch

Justin Strawn

I know very little about golf. I mean, I know that lowest score wins and it helped inspire disc golf (golf with flying frisbees) but other than that the very little golf knowledge that I have comes from an ex girlfriend and folks like Daniel Black and Justin Strawn.

However, I do know that Ally McDonald is a very good golfer. And by “very good” I mean that she’s one of the greatest to come through Mississippi State. McDonald is a former three time All-American and is now working her way into the LPGA after receiving her LPGA tour card.

McDonald finished second on the Symetra tour and just recently appeared at her first exhibition as a pro in the LPGA up in Olive Branch Mississippi at the Olive Branch Country Club. Our man Justin Strawn was on the scene for the event and he took his son with him. And what was a great father-son bonding event also got broadcasted to the world, because Justin loves his son but he also kinda likes the internet too. That and Ally McDonald is one of the greatest to ever come through Mississippi State and deserves more media coverage.

Former Mississippi State Women's Golf Star Ally McDonald shows off her talent at Olive Branch Country Club.

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