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SEC Bust of the Week: Arkansas vs. Auburn


Arkansas v Auburn Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

I had such high hopes of “Busting” Ole Miss 2 weeks in a row but I can’t honestly say they were the SEC’s worst this week. Texas A&M made it more competitive than I thought they could but Alabama just had too much and I really believe that they are the best team hands down. Will they survive all the way through the SEC and the playoffs. Well I have learned that in football, never say never. Anyone can stumble on a given day.

South Carolina seemed to begin investing in the future NOW in hopes of making a run for a bowl this year (I wonder could anyone else copy that?) by pulling off red-shirts and playing kids. It worked out for this week anyway. Vandy kept making progression steps even though they had to come from behind to beat Tenn. State. At least they WON! You can’t say that for Missouri who is still being paid back for that 79-0 score they ran up on the nuns. Middle Tn. State isn’t a bad team though if you have to lose a homecoming. They are better than Samford for sure.

Orgeron is feeding them boys plenty of spiked gumbo and it is having the right effect. LSU has such a harsh feeling for anything TSUN flavored. TSUN and Alabama are probably their favorite teams to beat. You could see the “in-fighting” that is now growing with TSUN. The Bears are beginning to turn on each other. THAT is a sure sign of imploding. Our DAWGS, we have to learn how to WIN again instead of continuously falling just short. Seniors or others have to step up and make plays.

Arkansas went over to the plains of lower Alabama where record drought has a strong grip on nearly the whole state. Creeks, ponds and fields are completely dry. Gus has managed to grease a few palms to keep his boys watered and the grass green but when Bielema unloaded his trailers his Hogs were thristy from the trip over and there wasn’t a drop in sight. Gus refused to share and the Hogs couldn’t run after the Tigers who seemed to do as they pleased.

They ran from end to end as the PIGS collapsed all over the field and had to be dragged from the field. Now maybe so of the Pig-slaughter could be blamed on Arkansas’s 8 game run without a break. Still there is no excuse for the skull-dragging they endured. I wonder if Bielema had his mind on his trip home on his wife (I mean with his wife). Auburn is just not that good but Arkansas you were that bad Saturday and drier than the Alabama dirt as you earned this week’s “SEC BIGGEST BUST”!