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Five Word Reaction: Mississippi State vs. Kentucky

Here’s what twitter had to say after Saturday’s loss to Kentucky

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

People are justifiably #madonline

Some at Peter Sirmon

Some at Dan Mullen

Sarcasm and snark helps numb the pain

I lied nothing helps numb the pain

Baseball is soon, but basketball is sooner

And speaking of Sooners

Oh boy, here’s some hot taeks

Speaking of Croom

I mean, you’re not wrong but also you’re not right. Nobody expects MSU to go 9-3 every year, but MSU shouldn’t go 3-9 anymore.

Dan Mullen has lost to 3 coaches that were on the “hot seat” according to the interwebs entering the season, that’s not ideal

I have the sads again

Don’t worry I won’t fire him but also I can’t fire him so there’s that

Samford might disagree with this but I hope they don’t

Well, my apartment is kinda cluttered but it isn’t that- oh, you meant the coaching staff. Okay.

Cheese fries are fetch imo

This is a good pun all puns are good puns thanks for this good pun