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Mississippi State Names Scott Wetherbee as Interim Athletics Director

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

It appears that Mississippi State is still searching for Scott Stricklin’s replacement, but they have found someone for at least the short term. Mississippi State’s President Mark Keenum has announced that they’ve named Scott Wetherbee to be the interim athletics director. Wetherbee is a senior associate athletics director and is in charge of external affairs.

Although Wetherbee is not the permanent replacement for Scott Stricklin (at least not yet), it is good that some move has been made while the search continues. Sure, it’s kinda disappointing that Mississippi State has not yet made an official move to replace Stricklin, the athletic department is in good hands with Wetherbee in the meantime.

And as for Scott Stricklin, he’s no officially on his way to Florida and has written a letter to all Mississippi State fans