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For Whom the Mailbag Tolls: Bluegrass Blues Edition

The mailbag most certainly tolls for your questions.


I haven’t been able to get to the mailbag the past few weeks. I was behind on some things at work two weeks ago, and last week I had the flu. But I’m back now, and we are going to get the mailbag rolling.

Why FSU Twitter has made it their mission to jump into every conversation is a mystery we might never solve. It’s going to go down with crop circles and Stonehenge.

As for how they find you? They find everyone. There is no one safe from the clutches of FSU Twitter.

There are a few ways I could approach this question. But I think this is the best way to tackle the topic of how much Mississippi St. Bulldogs fans should be worried about Samford.

The Bulldogs shouldn’t be worried about Samford. Even though they are 6-1, they are still an FCS team that lags behind in talent. Even as bad as MSU has been this season, they should still be better than Samford hands down.

The problem is we have to worry about everything with the way this team has played. Until this team shows a vast amount of improvement, we still have to worry about teams like Samford which aren’t even FBS teams.

No, I can’t say there is. I love this school and its athletic programs til death do us part. And with the way this season is unfolding, it might just be the death of me.

But hey, I survived the 2015 baseball season, so I might can make it through this football season. One can only hope.

I guess we can, but where else will people come to get bad answers to their questions? Why should we deny people the joy of seeing a good question get asked to only have a response that is mediocre at best. Let’s not deny the people.

This might be the most frustrating part of the season. There have been times the defense looked good. Go back and watch the South Carolina and BYU games, and with the exception of a few plays, you’d think this team was on the right path.

But the inconsistency and players not playing up to their ability level is maddening. I don’t know what to make of it. Maybe it’s a bad hire at defensive coordinator. Maybe it’s the result of having a new defensive coordinator almost every single season. Maybe it’s Dan Mullen meddling around with the defensive scheme more than he should. Maybe it’s some combination of all of the above. The one thing I do now is it is as maddening as it can be to watch a unit that was supposed to be pretty good under perform almost every single week.

Marshall clarified this question is about realistic possibilities, not pie-in-the-sky candidates. So that makes this question a little more difficult. The most important thing to remember is, like Marshall said, this isn’t happening.

I’m going to approach this from a slightly different angle. I’m going to give three different categories and give some names for each category that would

If the Bulldogs are going to get a current head coach, it will have to be at a really small school that is performing well and won’t be picked up by one of the blue bloods who will be looking to hire a new coach this year. Here’s who I think this likely eliminates.

  • Tom Herman, Houston
  • P.J. Fleck, Western Michigan
  • Bryan Harsin, Boise State

All other small school head coaches might be in play. So who would make a list of good candidates from that group? Here’s a few names to consider.

  • Neil Brown, Troy
  • Scott Satterfield, Appalachian State
  • Willie Taggart, South Florida
  • Mike Norvell, Memphis
  • Jeff Brohm, Western Kentucky
  • Jason Candle, Toledo

There could be others in that group that I just overlooked. The next group would be coordinators at large schools or position coaches. Here’s a few names.

  • Mario Cristobal, Alabama Assistant Head Coach and Offensive Line Coach
  • Pete Kwiatkowski, Washington Defensive Coordinator
  • Brent Venables, Clemson Defensive Coordinator
  • Lincoln Riley, Oklahoma Offensive Coordinator

The last group is former head coaches needing jump start their career again, or guys who left in some form of disgrace. I wouldn’t be a fan of any of these guys, but if things got desperate enough, the Bulldogs could gauge their interest.

  • Charlie Strong (assuming he gets fired)
  • Les Miles
  • Rich Rodriguez (assuming he gets fired)

Those are all just wild guesses. And remember, this isn’t happening, so keep that in mind.

Ethan answered this much better than I could have on our site’s official account.

I was about to thank Mary for noticing my stellar GIF repertoire. And who could not. I mean, look at all these quality GIFs I sent to the Twitterverse.

And there’s plenty more. But Mary doesn’t even follow me. She’s talking about the official account’s GIFs which is run by Ethan. Ethan’s GIFs are fine, but there’s a $500 bottle of wine just sitting there for her and she’s settling for the stuff that comes out of a box. But to answer her questions, my fine collection of exquisite GIFs mostly come from the little GIF button when composing tweets. You just have to know how to search for the right one.

Anyways, that’s all the questions for this week. If you want your question answered in the mailbag, hit me up on Twitter @JStrawnFWtCT.