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Mississippi State Drops a 2-1 Contest Against Texas A&M to Close the Regular Season

The Mississippi State Bulldogs took on the Texas A&M Aggies Thursday Night at MSU Soccer Field

Will Larsen

Texas A&M concluded the MSU Regular Season at MSU Soccer Field, winning by a final score of 2-1.

Texas A&M kicked off the action with an early 1-0 lead by Grace Wright with the help of a penalty kick. The Bulldogs were able to get some good looks from corner kicks but nothing was able to go through. With the Aggies leading at halftime, the Bulldogs came out in the 2nd half to tie things up at 1-1 on a goal by Mallory Eubanks. But the lead was short lived as the Aggies quickly responded by a goal from Haley Pounds.

Overall the Bulldogs end the regular season 6-12 and 1-10 in Conference play. The Bulldogs were able to defeat Alabama and were within a goal of almost every conference game they played. The Bulldogs end the season tonight as the top 10 teams from the SEC go to Orange Beach for the SEC Tournament.