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Maroon Madness is here for Mississippi State Basketball

Mississippi State’s basketball teams are prepping to open the season with Maroon Madness

NCAA Womens Basketball: SEC Basketball Tournament - Tennessee vs Mississippi State Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Maroon Madness, the annual pep rally that brings Mississippi State basketball back into our lives is finally here. And it’s about time. With the Bulldogs struggling on the gridiron, it’s nice to have something to be excited about come back to us.

There’s plenty to be excited about for this basketball season. Ben Howland looks to revive the men’s basketball program and has all the talent in the world to build his team from. And then Vic Schaefer brings back every starter from the women’s basketball team that set records a year ago.

The doors to Maroon Madness will open at 6:30 and everything will begin at 7:00.