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This week’s All-Girl Cheer Squad feature is a young lady who loves representing you, me, all current students and alumni while she builds a future for herself. All of her life she has prepared for this time in her life and to cheer for the school whose colors coarse through her veins. It is a pleasure to introduce you to Karley Morgan.

Karley is a junior who was raised in Brandon, MS. She attended Northwest Rankin High School. Karley is majoring in Architecture which anyone should be able to tell you means Karley has a heck of load on her.

Karley began to cheer in the 9th grade as a member of All-Star Competitive Cheer. She was a member of the competitive cheer team all the way through high school and also cheered for Northwest Rankin her final three years. Working as a member of a team in competitive cheer and then being in front of the crowd, supporting her team and school deepened her love of the sport of cheering. She also found time to do competitive gymnastics for 5 years which she said taught her the value of hard work, discipline and preparation. “The hardest work brings the best rewards”, Karley stated.

Karley’s major is not the one that most student athletes choose to pursue because of how difficult it can be at times so why did Karley choose this path? “I have loved all things drawing and designing since I was a child, that’s one reason that architecture was the perfect major choice for me.”

“Outside of cheer, I spend the majority of my time in Giles Hall working on my architecture studio schoolwork. It is such a tedious major that requires a lot of work so I spend a lot of time with the other people in studio. These people make being an architecture major enjoyable!! I have made countless memories with them inside Giles from being stressed together and from just being goofy together and making it fun. More laughs have come out of my major than most people would expect, but it’s been because of the friends I have in there.”

Karley identifies her mother as the greatest influence on her life because she always encouraged her to follow her dreams regardless of what others thought or said that she could not do. To never limit herself by being like others and to always seek what God wanted her to be and success would follow after hard work. “Mom never doubts me even when I doubt myself”.

She explained that being part of the All-Girl Cheer squad comes natural to her because her and all the others love what they do. They work really hard to be prepared for each event. “We have so much enthusiasm and love for each other, for our Bulldogs, and the student body, and that’s just contagious!!”

Like others have said before her, Karley gives College Game Day in 2014 when we played Auburn and became #1 as a result of that victory (and the campus experience played a role too I bet) as her most memorable experience. It was her her freshman year at State and on the All-Girl Cheer squad. It was a day and time she and her friends will never forget. Three years later Karley still feels honored to run out on the field and represent the fans and school she loves so much.

After graduation Karley plans to work with an architecture firm to gain the practical work experience but plans to one day open her own architecture firm focusing on the design of residential homes and communities (interior and exterior). She also hopes to maybe coach a cheer team on the side because that love of her sport will always live in her.

Karley, we all thank you for the dedication to your academics and cheerleader commitments. We know you have to work long hours, study endlessly and sacrifice so much in pursuit of the future you desire. This is a huge week for Miss. State and we look forward to the excitement that you Karley and all the cheerleaders help to create as we prepare for another very important game with Auburn. We can’t wait to follow you as you help us “GET FIRED UP”.