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SEC Biggest Bust Week 5: Georgia Bulldogs


NCAA Football: Tennessee at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Another great week of SEC football has come and gone. So too have opportunities for some teams to crawl out of the gutter and others to grasp control. I for one was thrilled to see the whopping LSU gave Missouri and wished they could have added 30 more points. I’m not an LSU fan, especially after how they treated Les Miles but I said last week that Missouri would get paid back for the shameful points (72-3) they put on a high school team last week. So thank you LSU for beating their brains out!

TSUN held serve as they got their pay back for last year’s loss. Alabama played their scout team and still walked on Kentucky. South Carolina, well can they play Kentucky and Vanderbilt every week? That way each of them always have a chance, against the rest of the SEC not-so-much. Florida, no offense but Vanderbilt doesn’t either. Vanderbilt, please don’t take this personal but you really suck. In fact most of the East side does.

I have to give the BIGGEST BUST to Georgia. I mean you had control of the game, you lost it as you let Tennessee crawl back into it. Then as time runs down to almost nothing you score miraculously to WIN...but NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO! Stupid actions by your players and being in position to still win the game on a play you HAVE TO KNOW is coming by who you put into the game, you STILL can’t just knock the ball to the grown. In fact you never even touch it or get in position to touch it. You had the chance firmly in your hands to TAKE CONTROL of the EAST side of the SEC. Oh well, now your in deep crap and will not challenge for the East title.

You fired one hell of a great coach and great man because winning 75% of his games over 16 years wasn’t good enough for you. So, how is that working out for you now?

Georgia....YOU are the SEC BIGGEST BUST this week. Frankly, you deserve it too for past sins.

Will we become as egregious in our judgement as you were? I hope not.