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NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Massachusetts Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Bye week is over and it is time to see just what we have, but before we go there let’s look at the other SEC teams lurking down the road.

Kentucky returns home after being thumped by a herd of elephants. This week they have a fleet of wooden frigates from Nashville putting in to port in Lexington. Colonel Stoops Cats have pretty much been declawed and will try to confuse the Commodores with flying kitty fur hoping to create an allergic reaction that causes Vanderbilt to hand over their swords before they raise anchor and depart. Kentucky has shown it can score against lower echelon teams but can’t stop a mosquito. Vanderbilt is not good at all but they can play defense well. It can go either way and will come down to miscues I think. T-DAWG’s loser — Vanderbilt (barely) by 4

The Aggies went into South Carolina and consumed a belly full of yard birds. This week Old Smokey comes to College Station looking to tree something. The question is will they spend the 1st half trying to figure out what they are hunting. If they do I don’t think A&M will let off the gas or let up on a new-found defense. I think it will come down to which side wants it more. I think Tennessee has the better overall team but they have lived on the edge two weeks in a row and they know Alabama is making plans for Rocky Top. T-DAWG’s loser Tennessee by 5

Alabama rolls into Fayetteville where they have been caught several times staring at all them “Hog Heads” in the stands instead of playing. Yes they overcome lack luster play but Arkansas is a physical, hungry team. If Saban’s quarterback should go down Kiffin doesn’t have another waiting in the wings. Alabama must limit his carries and protect him rolling out to throw. Arkansas has had this one circled since last year and they will give Alabama all they want and more. T-DAWG’s loser Arkansas by 9

Now we come to a decisive game I think. This game is just as big as that game back in 2014, every bit as big. Auburn needs it to make sure Gus gets a chance to hang around the rest of the year, lose and the “Gus Bus” may leave Davis-Wade without him and we don’t have a box for him to live in. We need this win to “grow” the rest of our season. Without it we will have a hard time getting to 7 or 8 wins. We need this win for our young team to grow in confidence.

Hopefully we have found some offensive strategies that will work for us. We need to get our team PUMPED-UP BIG TIME! Having, hearing and feeling the Maroon Nation behind them helps them to dig a little deeper at times. Our defensive line and linebackers need to step it up and play solid Saturday morning, just like we did the first half against South Carolina.

The offensive line needs to protect the quarterback and help us to get 200 yards rushing as a team. We are 37th in the nation for total “D”, Auburn is 40th. They are 28th in total offense, we are 62nd. It is also important to note that this will be Auburn’s 1st game on the road for the year. Yeah, they played their first five at home??? I don’t think it will be easy but I do think we GOT THIS. We will live or die on what kind of game Fitzgerald has.

If you follow this link and read the story, plus comments coming from Auburn about how Gus gets Mullen this time and State can’t win crap without Prescott. Some even say State will take their place where they belong, the spot Auburn has owned the last two years! Some say State is due a good “a$$ Whipping”. That may happen some time later but “GUS U” doesn’t have it in them.

WHO DAT, Who Dat Saying they going to Beat them Dawgs? Who Dat?

Let’s ALL get unified this weekend and send Auburn into a season long tail spin. To me, Auburn has become as much of a hated rival as TSUN. What our season becomes very often depends on winning the Auburn game. T-DAWG’s loser Auburn by 11 (28-17).