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Flo Rida Cancelled on Bulldog Bash and Twitter Reacted Appropriately

A lot of people were mad that Flo Rida cancelled on Bulldog Bash. I am almost one of those people.

Macy's Presents Fashion's Front Row - Show Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for Macy's

Bulldog Bash was last night. Flo Rida was supposed to be the headliner. But Flo Rida didn’t care about that. He didn’t show up. He single-handedly broke Bulldog Bash.

And of course, Twitter reacted to this atrocious act against Mississippi State students wanting to get intoxicated and party. People were not too easy on Mr. Flo Rida.

Pell was more than happy to become the main event last night. The dude is an artist that is currently doing all he can to grow and improve, and this was the perfect opportunity for him. He appreciated Bulldog Bash, unlike some people. We love you, Pell.

And now, I present to you, the best of Flo Rida’s mentions:

(Flo Rida isn’t that good tbh)

Okay this one might be a stretch but also maybe not:

These were pretty much straight and to the point:

I would also appreciate Flo Rida paying my tuition

Flo Rida is indeed a fake “Florida”

A+ meme game, sir

Wait hey this meme looks familiar and it has an early time stamp multiple people used this meme

And ultimately, this is the question that everyone needs an answer to:

As a whole, I still enjoyed my evening. But it’s frustrating to see this situation take place when it’s possible it could have been avoided. Flo Rida never gave a rhyme (see what I did there I'm funny please laugh) or a reason for why he backed out. And, at the time that this was written, there was no official statement about the situation other than this tweet from the student association.

For the most part, I agree with Evan here. Though this particular instance was likely something that was out of their control, it is their responsibility to put on a show with an artist that is here.

Though I'm not fully blaming them (97.5% of the blame should go to Flo Rida) I do believe that a small portion should fall on the student association. Hopefully the contract, or whatever agreement made between the SA and Flo Rida was set so that no major amounts of money were lost on this.

This whole Bulldog Bash has been a weird one. From an initial plan of trying to relocate the concert to campus (which would have likely not been great) and now to this, it certainly has not been the best Bash in MSU history.