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Mississippi State vs Alabama: Five Word Reactions

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Mississippi State fell to Alabama yesterday. It wasn’t fun. But twitter has fun, so let’s go through fun tweets!


This year is awful. College football is dumb.

But basketball is here!

Well, we have a couple more games ahead and Fitz is still healthy. We can maybe make a bowl?

Meh. They’re alright. Though, I liked last week’s uniforms more.

Meh. They’re alright. Though, I liked last week’s game SIGNIFICANTLY more.

This was weird because running it up the middle actually kinda worked

If you had other things to do, you probably got them done. I was sprawled out on a couch watching a game in sadness yesterday.

Well... Maybe?

No team is ever going to have more talent than a Nick Saban coached Alabama team though

This makes things a little better tbh

Yeah... Really good...

And finally, this: