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POLL: Which of the Final Two Football Games will Mississippi State win?

If the Bulldogs want to make it to a bowl game for the seventh consecutive season, they must win their final two games, so tell us which ones you think they will win.

Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

After the Mississippi St. Bulldogs beat the Texas A&M Aggies in the first game of November, the bowl hopes for the team were revived. Even with a 51-3 thumping by the Alabama Crimson Tide, most people don't seem to think the Bulldogs are any less capable of making it to a bowl game now than they were after the big win over the Aggies.

Getting to the bowl game won't be easy. Neither of the two teams the Bulldogs face in the final two on the schedule aren't bad, but they certainly are beatable. In both games, the Bulldogs porous secondary will need to slow down potent passing games. The good news for Bulldog fans is the Razorbacks and Rebels both have two of the worst run defenses in the country, and State is a solid running team.

The Arkansas Razorbacks will come to Starkville with a 6-4 record. All four losses for the Razorbacks have come against teams in the top half of the SEC in rushing yards per game.

The Ole Miss Rebels will likely host The Battle for the Golden Egg with a 6-5 record assuming they can take care of business against Vanderbilt. But like the Razorbacks, the five losses the Rebels have were all against solid rushing teams.

So that is the focus of our poll question. Which of the remaining two games of the season do you think the Bulldogs will be able to win? We would love for you to put your reasoning for choosing your answer in the comments section.