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The Best of #AlwaysRunNeverPass

Y’all are doing a great job with #AlwaysRunNeverPass. Thank you.

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Mississippi State shouldn’t throw the ball much tonight. Instead, they should run the ball a lot. We’ve made it into a social media campaign. Y’all have run with it on twitter. #PunIntended.

And I tried to retweet all of it, not expecting y’all to tweet it as much as you currently are, but there’s just so many that I can’t keep retweeting them. So I’ll collect a few of them here for documentation purposes. And here’s the best of your #AlwaysRunNeverPass tweets (so far, I’ll probably update this or make another collection later).

Here’s the simple, hashtag tweets. These are nice and pleasant. Most of these are from people that bought in early on.

Next we have the suggestions for Dan Mullen

And the gifs. Y’all have done a good job with the gifs.

Nancy has cheated because she’s tweeted quite a few times but she’s done a very good job with the gifs so far.

Keep on with #AlwaysRunNeverPass and I’ll try to update this. You’ve made Justin and I so happy with this campaign.