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Mississippi State vs Arkansas: Five Word Reactions

Saturday’s game was less than ideal. Here’s what twitter said about it.

NCAA Football: Arkansas at Mississippi State Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Well, let’s do this twitter.

Oh boy this is depressing already.

Some people were mad at the defense. This works for me. The defense was butt.

Yes, the defense should apologize.

Many people were mad at Peter Sirmon. (Seriously 2/3rd of my mentions were about Sirmon or the defense I can’t include all of the tweets here there were so many)

People had their souls broken

Nick Fitzgerald and the offense look good. They’re probably going to be very good next season. Let’s just find a defense.

Charlie Strong would be a cool defensive coordinator but it probably won’t happen.

Was the sonic good?

Oh hey this guy was super positive and I appreciate that.

Aaaaand it’s Egg Bowl week.