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All Signs Point to John Cohen Being Named Mississippi State’s Next Athletic Director

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

There’s been a lot of speculation and social media murmuring about the next athletics director position, after all, it has taken what seems to be a relatively long time for Mississippi State to announce Scott Stricklin’s successor. However, it looks like Mississippi State will name John Cohen to take the role.

After Michael Bonner and the Clarion-Ledger caught heat for their report that John Cohen was to be named the next director of athletics at Mississippi State, it looks like the report was actually correct.

John Cohen isn’t a bad fit for the job, in fact he’s probably a pretty good one. But it leaves Mississippi State (and John Cohen) looking for a new baseball coach after Cohen is stepping away from the baseball diamond. There’s plenty of rumors abound about the position, and a slough of candidates will surely want the job. Mississippi State has a rich history for baseball and the success will undoubtedly be there for the foreseeable future with Cohen overseeing everything.