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Mississippi State to Honor Military With Special All Black Uniform

Mississippi State has had a few special uniforms this season. Some good, some meh. And Adidas has hooked the Bulldogs up with another special uniform for the matchup against Texas A&M that will honor the military during the Military Appreciation Game.

The uniform is all black because this game, while also being the Military Appreciation Game, is also a Black Out Game for the Bulldogs. The uniforms are fine and all, and when they released images of them earlier this week, they were met with mostly positive reviews. However, there is one slight issue that I have with the uniforms.

Louisville is wearing the same thing. Seriously.

That’s the exact same uniform. Sure, there are some minor aesthetic differences, but they are mostly logo related. While I like the uniforms, the fact that Adidas likes the uniforms for every school bothers me a little.