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Mississippi State vs Texas A&M: Bulldogs Upset Fourth Ranked Aggies

Mississippi State overcame the fourth ranked Aggies today.

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Mississippi State just did the improbable. Dan Mullen silenced all of his critics. The Bulldogs just upset the fourth ranked team in the nation, and they looked pretty damn impressive while doing it. Mississippi State just upset Texas A&M 35-28.

From the first play for Nick Fitzgerald and the offense with a 74 yard touchdown run to the final play for the Aggies on an interception from Jake Hubenak into the arms of Mark McLaurin, the Bulldogs put an impressive display on the field and looked clearly better. They looked better than they had at every single previous point this season and better than the Aggies.

Not enough can be said about the effort that Fitzgerald put out on the field today. His 391 yards against the Aggies are more than what three teams fielded when they played A&M this season. Fitzgerald’s performance should end any calls for replacing him on the field and show a clear development from where he was earlier this season.

Complimenting Fitzgerald’s showing was the breakout performance for Aeris Williams. 140 yards on 24 carries along with a touchdown should cement his status as the starter at the position. The future of the offense is bright with Williams and Fitzgerald.

And the future for Mississippi State as a whole feels bright again. It looks like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel that is this season. Dan Mullen got a notable win. The offensive line held their own. And the defense had a respectable performance against one of the better offenses in the SEC. Most of the issues that Mississippi State was faced with this season completely disappeared today. Today, the Bulldogs looked clearly better than the fourth ranked team in the nation.