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There was no Referee Conspiracy Against A&M According to the SEC

Texas A&M v Mississippi State Photo by Butch Dill/Getty Images

Yesterday’s game between Mississippi State and Texas A&M featured some interesting refs. This is a group of guys that had more than their fair share of mistakes, including completely missed a block in the back on Texas A&M’s punt return for a touchdown and a late hit from Leo Lewis on Trevor Knight out of bounds, just to name a couple. These guys just seemed off.

And, after Texas A&M’s defeat yesterday, some Aggie fans believe the refs were biased toward Mississippi State. Some Aggies were outraged at what they believed to be an official cheering for Mississippi State after Aeris Williams scored the second touchdown of the game.

But, no. That’s not a celebration. According to the SEC’s Chuck Dunlap, it’s a signal used between referees to signal a touchdown.

While conspiracy theories are always fun, this one seems to be unfounded. And the refs are certainly not the reason that the Aggies lost yesterday. The referee made an odd signal to mark the touchdown, that’s all that happened here. But, if you want to talk about referees and touchdowns, let’s discuss the aforementioned missed block in the back on your punt return touchdown.