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SEC Bust of the Week: Kentucky vs Georgia

Colonel Lays an Egg

NCAA Football: Georgia at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The season keeps rolling along and is filled with surprises, some nice, some troubling. Football teams like any team are all about growing and evolving as the season goes along. A team must adapt to injuries, loss of players and the way other teams play them. That is so evident now as everyone enters playoff drives and bowl drives.

Tennessee was my BUST last week after they dropped a game to South Carolina when it just didn’t seem feasible for that to happen. As the week went along the internal strife that has divided the Volunteers became public and the reasons for their 3 game losing skid became understandable. This week they pummeled a lowly Tenn. Tech squad 56-0 to ease their pain. Their pain may return this week or when they end the regular season in Nashville. I think that will be a “Spirited” battle.

Ole Miss stopped losing as they out-lasted Georgia Southern but at the cost of losing Chad Kelly for the season (I wonder who will transfer in for them next year). They ended one 3 game losing streak but it is very possible another 3 gamer will begin this week with Kelly gone. Vanderbilt made a strong bid for a win at Auburn but just couldn’t find enough offense. The Razorbacks exposed the weak offense of Florida trying to play with a quarterback that Alabama pushed down to their practice squad but that is another story. The Gators do not have a serious SEC talent at running back either so Arky just shut them down and wore down the defense to win 31-10.

We had a HUGE victory over A&M. I think it was the type of game we have been capable of all along. We weren’t perfect and have a lot of room to grow still this season and more-so next year. We need to get to a bowl game for the extra practices and that is a real possibility if we can maintain our level of play. Hey folks I think we SHOULD beat Arkansas and Ole Miss now and never know when a group of kids just go and play their ass off knowing everybody expects Alabama to walk over them. The key is to hang around until late in the fourth quarter and see what happens (have kicker tryouts this week!).

My Biggest Bust this week goes to Kentucky. Big Blue had actually put together a run and had a real shot at moving into a tie for 1st place in the East (WOW)! Georgia is still a team struggling for an identity and their freshman quarterback has been struggling to handle reads in SEC defenses. The only real quarterback in the East appears to be Bentley at S. Carolina. The overall defense for Georgia is what is carrying them (16th) and it held Kentucky in check enough to get the win over them. Big Blue had a chance to actually win the East. That is something they have never come close to doing but they did win the SEC in 1977 (10-1/ 6-0) but were banned from postseason play. They also won a national Championship under Bear Bryant in 1950 (10-1, 5-1) as they won the SEC and beat #1 Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl. None of that really matters here though. Kentucky may indeed be a coming team in what is for this year a very muddled and very “average” SEC East. Colonel Stoops’ boys had an opportunity to take a big step but nah... they laid another egg and became the SEC BUST OF THE WEEK.

I’m sorry that I was out for a little bit, y’all. I missed you folks last week. But family emergencies come first.