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POLL: Which Bowl Destination would you Prefer?

The Bulldogs are looking at a number of options for a potential bowl game, and we ask which one you hope the Bulldogs land in?

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

So we know the Mississippi St. Bulldogs are going to go to a bowl game. The only thing we don't know is which bowl that will be.

The destination will finally come into place after this weekend when the conference championships are played. Once we know which conferences will be sending teams to the College Football Playoff, we'll have the final say on which conferences don't fill their bowl obligations.

Brian Hadad and Bob Carskadon did a nice job explaining how Mississippi State will select their bowl destination on Tuesday's B&B Show. I'm including it in this post.

If you didn't want to listen to it, it basically says the Bulldogs will have the second choice behind North Texas on which bowl to select. Since North Texas had the higher APR, they get first choice.

Many of the bowl projections have put the Bulldogs in the Armed Forces Bowl because they are assuming North Texas will choose to go to Las Vegas if the Las Vegas Bowl is an option. While I understand the logic, choosing to go to Las Vegas might be a serious financial hardship for a small school like North Texas. They might instead choose to stay close to home and go to the Armed Forces Bowl.

Regardless, I'm including both bowls in the poll. I'm also including the Cactus Bowl, St. Petersburg Bowl, and the Heart of Dallas Bowl. Those could also be in play as well depending on the Conference Championships. We'll know for sure after Sunday.