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Favorite Bulldog Moments of 2016: No. 15 - #AlwaysRunNeverPass

My personal favorite moments of the calendar year

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Mississippi Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

My 15th favorite Mississippi St. Bulldogs moment of 2016 is something of a personal one. The #AlwaysRunNeverPass hash tag that actually became a thing.

It started based off of a couple of tweets I posted during the Kentucky game. Here they are.

The following week, our managing editor Ethan had written an article and included the tweets and actually turned the phrase into a hashtag. I don’t think either of us really thought about trying to make into anything special, but then the Arkansas game rolled around.

Arkansas entered the game in Starkville with the worst yards per carry allowed in the country. We tweeted about it a little bit, and it started to make its presence on Twitter a little more and more. Then I heard Brian Hadad mention it on Bulldog Sports Radio. So I ran a piece and linked the Twitter search results for the #AlwaysRunNeverPass hashtag to try to give it a little momentum. Ethan took it a step further and put it in the title of a post. Next thing I know, this happened.

There were literally hundreds more I could have put on this post. It’s amazing how it took off.

So thanks to Ethan for taking a couple of tweets I posted during a game as a joke and trying to make it into a movement. And thanks to you guys for picking the ball up and running with it, no pun intended. Okay, maybe it was a little intended. It was really fun to watch unfold.