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Favorite Bulldog Moments of 2016: No. 9 - Dan Mullen’s Egg Bowl Post Game Press Conference

Dan Mullen reminded us of the Dan Mullen we fell in love with during his Egg Bowl Post Game Press Conference.

Dan Mullen chews on a cigar during the Post Game Press Conference after the Egg Bowl. Photo courtesy of Robby Donoho
Robby Donoho - @RobbyDonoho

Dan Mullen has done a lot of changing since he arrived in Starkville to take over the head coaching duties for the Mississippi St. Bulldogs football team. It’s just the nature of people and the nature of being a head coach in the SEC.

But after the Bulldogs pulled off the win in Oxford, successfully bringing the Golden Egg back to Starkville, we got a little glimpse of the old Dan Mullen.

When Dan Mullen first arrived in Starkville, he was full of bravado and swagger. He lost some of that edge along the way. Losing three of four Egg Bowls will have that affect.

But Dan just waxed Ole Miss in the most recent rendition of the Egg Bowl and with everything swirling around the Ole Miss program, he might be thinking he has the edge in the rivalry again. And if so, that might have been the reason we got this glimpse of the old Dan Mullen.

This year was a tough year for the Bulldogs. It all started with the season opening loss to South Alabama and there were more that followed than we thought there would be.

But the Bulldogs finished 2-2 in November when many of us thought we would be 0-4. The team played its best football late and gave us all hope for the future. We need more of this Dan Mullen. Maybe this is a sign that we’ll get even more of it in the future. I don’t know about you, but I sure am hoping so.